Spéciale reprises rock improbables…

Podcast #234


Émission piña colada & paillette, youpi youpi & tralala: enfin nous y voilà ! Près de 2 heures d’émission consacrées à des reprises rock improbables. Boney M. version metal scandinave, We are the champions de Queen repris par Greenday, Shakira version punk hardcore, Nekromantix qui ressuscite les Doors…


  • THE PRESIDENTS OF THE USA  – Ca Plane Pour Moi (Single, Colombia, 1996)
  • HAPPY DRIVERS – La Isla Bonita (War, Boucherie Productions, 1990)
  • MR BUBBLE B. and THE COCONUTS – Blue Hotel (Chris Isaak) (Punk Chartbusters Vol. 3, Wolverine Records, 1998)‎
  • DUNGEON ELITE – This Is A Cover Of The Darkest Night (Make Love Not Warcraft, West Weddinghofen Records, 2007)
  • AMYST – Rolling In The Deep Cover (Adele’s Cover) (merde en barre)
  • BETRAYING THE MARTYRS – Survivor (Destiny’s Child Cover) (2010)
  • GREEN DAY  – We are the champions (Queen Live’s Cover) (We Will Rock You: A Tribute to Queen, 2008)
  • BAD NEWS – Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen Cover) (Bad News, Rampage Records, 1987)
  • HALESTORM –  Slave To The Grind (ReAniMate: The Covers EP, Atlantic, 2011)
  • STEVE’N’SEAGULLS – Self Elsteem (Brothers in Farms, Spinefarm Records, 2016)
  • CLASS OF ’99 ?– Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) (Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2), Krypton Records, 1998)
  • FANTOMAS – The Godfather (The Director’s Cut, Ipecac, 2001)
  • THE UNSEEN – Paint it Black (State Of Discontent, Hellcat Records, 2005)
  • MILLENCOLIN – Every Breath You Take (The Police) (Punk Chartbusters Vol. 3, Wolverine Records, 1998)
  • EVERGREEN TERRACE – Sunday Bloody Sunday (Writers Block, Alveran Records, 2004)
  • THE SUPERSONICOS – Simpsons Theme (Surf_Cover) (Rock-A-Hulas, Rastrillo Records, 2003)
  • ETHYLOSEX – Tortue Ninja (Brillant Con, 2013)
  • IN MEMORY OF ROCKING HORSES – Stepping Stones (The Monkees / Minor Threat cover) (Demo, 2004)
  • AGENT ORANGE – Miserlou (Greek Theme covered by Dick Dale) (Living in Darkness, Posh Boy Records, 1980)
  • SPDIERBAIT – Ghost Riders in the Sky (Ghost Rider (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2007)
  • TURISAS – Rasputin (The Varangian Way, Century media records, 2007)
  • APOCALYPTICA  feat. Till Lindemann from RAMMSTEIN – Helden (Heroes David Bowie’s cover) (Worlds Collide, 20-20 Entertainment, 2007)
  • CHILDREN OF BODOM – Rebel Yell (Are You Dead Yet?, Spinefarm Records, 2005)
  • NEKROMANTIX – Light my fire (Demons Are A Girls Best Friend, Record Music DK, 1996)
  • FEED THE CAT – Whenever Wherever (Kick The Fat, 2016)
  • BULLOCKS – Losing My Religion (Punk Chartbusters Vol. 3, Wolverine Records, 1998)‎

Le Cri du Lynx – 234 – 01/04/2017 – Avec Jérémy & Lulu- Émission diffusée sur Radio Campus Besançon 102.4FM


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