Écouter le podcast de l’émission n°200 :

La playlist…
– GÂTECHIEN Bonjour Mademoiselle (4, Pyromane Records, 2010)
– MON DRAGON Les Cafards (Karasu Tengu no Kodomo, Folklore de la zone mondiale, 2007)
– REVEREND HORTON HEAT Five-O Ford (Liquor in the Front, Sub Pop, 1994)
– MANTAR White Nights (Death by Burning,Svart Records, 2014)
– MORTILLERY F.O.A.D. (Origin of Extinction, Napalm Records, 2013)
– SUIS LA LUNE Wishes & Hopes (Riala, Topshelf Records, 2012)
– BIOHAZARD Stade off the world address (State of the World Address, Warner Bros., 1994)
– PROTECTOR A Shedding of Skin (A Shedding of Skin, C&C Records, 1991)
– PROPAGANDHI Note to Self (Failed States, Epitaph, 2012)
– DRAWERS Shadow Dancers (S/T, Kaotixin Records, 2014)
– MUDWEISER She is like cocaine (Drug Queens, Head Records, 2011)
– HOT SNAKES 10th Planet (Automatic Midnight, Swami Records, 2000)
– DISTILLERS Hall Of Mirrors (Coral Fang, Sire Records, 2003)
– CARUSELLA Star Quality (Carusella, 2008)
– NOSTROMO Selfish Blues (Argue, Snuff Records, 1998)
– CHEL MI Never let me down again
– ANAL CUNT Stayin alive (Oi! version) (Top 40 Hits, Earache Records, 1995)
– NUTMEG Sunday (The Trigger, Iconic Noise, 2009)
– SECOND RATE Death takes me away (Grinding to dust two years somewhat insane, Kerosene / Vampire / Prehisto Records, 2001)
– ANGEL CORPSE Phallelujah (Exterminate, Osmose Productions, 1998)
– 6:33 Hellalujah (Deadly Scenes, Kaotoxin Records, 2015)
– SNOT Deadfall (Get Some, Geffen Records, 1997)
– NEKROMANTIX Brought Back To Life (Brought Back to Life, Intermusic, 1992)

Le Cri du Lynx – 200 – 30/03/2016 – Avec Jérémy, Lucien, Pedro, Julian, Sam, Gerbauss, Guillaume et Florus.

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