Le Cri du Lynx Rock Radio Show #198 (16 mars 2016)

émission radio Cri du Lynx punk rock - Sabotage Records Basement same bone Madjive

Écouter le podcast de l’émission n°198 :

La playlist…
– DEFEATER Spared in hell (Abandoned, Epitaph, 2015)
– THE ESTRANGED Over and Over (S/T, Sabotage Records, 2014)
– LAGWAGON Reign (Hang, Fat Wreck Chords, 2014)
– SUB\CITY Running away (Tales From The sandbox, 2015)
– SONIC AVENUES I want you now (S/T, Sabotage Records, 2012)
– BASEMENT Hanging around (Promise Everything, Run for Cover, 2016)
– LORDS OF THE CEMETARY Smiling squeleton (1er album à paraître, 2016)
– LOKURAH Bleed « Edge of anity Cover » (The Time to do better, M&O Music, 2016)
– GET RICH OR DIE ASSHOLE Massive heart attack (single, 2016)
– MELECHESH Tempest temper enlil enraged (Enki, Nuclear Blast, 2015)
– HYSTERESE Angst (S/T, Sabotage Records, 2014)
– KNOCK ME OUT Hit me (Very Good Trip, 2014)
– CRUSADES Driven (The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In, Sabotage Records, 2011)
– CAT PARTY Aborted Logic (Rhapsody In Black, Sabotage Records, 2011)
– TEXAS IS THE REASON Back and to the left (Do You Know Who You Are ?, Revelation Records, 1996)
– BI MARKS Bad Luck (The Golden Years, Sabotage Records, 2012)
– MADJIVE Same bone (3e album à paraître fin 2016)
– ECHO IS YOUR LOVE Peace Song (Humansize, Sabotage Records, 2006)
– BASEMENT Promise everything  (Promise Everything, Run for Cover, 2016)
– LA GACHETTE Génération atomik (Génération $heriff vol. 2, Kicking Records, 2016)
– HATEFULL MONDAY Maniac (Half a World Away, Kicking Records, 2016)
– DRAMAMINE Hitch (S/T, Sabotage Records, 2012)

Le Cri du Lynx – 198 – 16/03/2016 – Avec Lucien, Pedro et Jérémy

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