Le Cri du Lynx Rock Radio Show #197 (9 mars 2016)

Rock Radio Le Cri du Lynx - focus Masshysteri foucs medication warm places

Écouter le podcast de l’émission n°197 :

La playlist…
– DAG NASTY Can I say (Can I say, Dischord Records, 1986)
– VAADAT CHARIGIM Hadavar Haamiti (Sinking as a stone, Burger Record, 2015)
– MEDICATION Memories of youth (Warm places, Paper and Plastiks, 2016)
– FORTUNE COOKIE CLUB Grosse barbe, sans veste, avec frite (L’autre, Guerilla Asso, 2015)
– …AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD The Doomsday book (IX, Superball Music, 2014)
– CONRAD KEELY In words of a not so famous man (Original Machines, Superball Music, 2016)
– FAST TIME Question never asked (Counting Down, The Age Of Venus Records, 2000)
– REBAELLIUN Legion (The Hell’s Decrees, Hammerheart Records, mai 2016)
– EDGE OF SANITY Until eternity ends (Until eternity ends,
Black Mark Productions, 1994)
– ENLÒC Gevaudan (Temps libre, Bad Tripoux, Fingers out records, mars 2016)
– KITTY IN A CASKET Lurking in the dark (Kiss and hell, Rodeostar Ent GmbH, 2016)
– HELLBATS Lost Indians Revisited (Unleashed ‘n’ Alive, Kicking Records, 2007)
– MASSHYSTERI Begrav Mig (Vår del av stan, Feralward, 2008)
– THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES Riding the grapes dragon (This is meant to hurt you, Jade Tree Records, 2003)
– I HATE MYSELF Fred mertz was most likely a bad poet and a Pervert (I hate myself / Twelve hour turn, No Idea Records, 1998)
– RITES OF SPRING For want of (S/T, Dischord records, 1985)
– MASSHYSTERI Masshysteri Del Tva (S/T, Ny Våg, 2010)
– MEDICATION Fishing (Warm places, Paper and Plastiks, 2016)
– JUSTIN(E) Monsieur B (Guerilla Split Series Vol2, Guerilla Asso, 2010)
– ESTRADASHPERE Super buck II (Buck Fever, Web of Mimicry, 2001)
– MALADROIT You are my Han Solo (Freedom fries and freedom kisses, Guerilla Asso, 2015)
– KESS’KHTAK The last chapter (Inbreeding, Sigma Records, 2015)
– MEDICATION Gods and glory (Warm places, Paper and Plastiks, 2016)

Le Cri du Lynx – 197 – 09/03/2016 – Avec Lucien, Pedro et Jérémy

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